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Dear Reader,

Communicating psychology-related topics is dear to our heart. Having studied linguistics and neuropsychology, we understand human behaviour from a biological and evolutionary perspective, foremost our own.

One of our most striking realisations before, during, and after our time in university was the disconnect between businesses, the general public, and governments in the communication of scientific topics. This divide is evidenced by the inability of broader society to grasp the importance of emotional hygiene and its resulting behaviours, reflected in judgemental let alone abusive practices, that are subsequently carried over into companies and politics. The failure to use existing curriculums to convey essential information on the relationship between human biology and behaviour is one of the most significant shortcomings of contemporary societies; especially, considering that the resulting lack of empathy affects all of us. We want to narrow this gap.

As linguists, our work in the past decade has taught us much about the way language is communicated between cultures but also how people engage in this process. We started this profession before we attended university, which allowed us to monitor our progress but also observe the general, albeit subjective, development of the industry. Having attended university allowed us to improve our approach to work by giving us structure and permitting us to focus our energy. We wish to share this combination of theoretical and practical knowledge that we apply to our work each day and inspire others to optimise their approach and, consequently, participate in improving industry standards.

Insufficient communication is another field that interests us, and one of the areas where this behaviour is most evident is in arbitrary drug policies as well as their implications for the liberty and wellbeing of people, a favourite topic of ours. Thus, we want to use this platform to expand on some of the areas in psychology in which we have specialised and present them in a straightforward manner that is accessible to most people while preserving the rigidity of the scientific approach.

We write with the aim to contribute to society positively, help peers and customers understand our processes better but also gain clarity about their work processes. Our goal is to expand our business sustainably by attracting like-minded individuals who are as interested in new perspectives, challenging themselves, and critical thinking as us.

With kind regards,
Dénis and Lea