Frequently Asked Questions

Why work with you?
You want to work with me if you value someone who: takes ownership for his work, has a near-obsessive eye for small details, exercises a mature, polite yet concise communication style, can admit to his mistakes and is willing to correct them.

What services do you provide?
I translate, edit and proofread. I also offer consultations, and occasionally work as project manager.

What are your language pairs?
I work from German to English (Irish and British variant) as well as English to German (German variant).

What type of projects do you cover and what is your availability?
I take on mostly projects which I can complete within a week. I also have substantial experience working on larger projects which are subject to tight deadlines and span over several weeks or months, availability for those must by inquired beforehand.

Standard Operating Procedures?
I am currently in the process of revising my internal procedures to be in line with the ISO 17100:2015. I work together with my spouse which gives me the advantage of having a second person that collaborates with me on the proofreading and quality assurance process.

Do you use CAT tools?
I use Memsource for all of my projects, it is compatible with most translation memories and term bases from other CAT tools.

What are your rates?
My rates depend on several variables including, the quality as well as the content of the source text, the time I have to complete the project, the payment terms and so forth. I am flexible with my rates if you are courteous and professional.

Where are you located?
My home, heart and registered business are in the Republic of Ireland. Although, I tend to travel a lot.

What do you value?
My work, I take ownership and enjoy the task of translating, knowing I can enable people to understand the content they could not before. I also enjoy individuals who can appreciate quality work and long-term relationships.