About us

We’re two neuropsychologists with a deep love for the darkest, noisiest, most complex, and industrial techno. Since the nineties, we have been part of the techno scene. We have worked in various roles like project management, event promotion, artist and event security. We aim to connect academia and the business world


We are thriving on the fringes and regularly work on several projects simultaneously. With ‘challengingstatusquo’, we explore underground techno culture through various interviews and our podcast series. Together with others, we promote equality, address mental health issues, and educate on safe drug use.

Team Raxeller

We base our collaboration on Denizer’s incredible talent as a producer and artist and Lea’s and my ability to streamline processes. We decided to work together to pool our resources and benefit from each other’s expertise to pursue our common goals. This teamwork is a love letter to the industry, a project that allows us to share our common values with people we love and respect, address unhealthy behaviours, and challenge the status quo. We’re not interested in adhering to harmful standards or norms. We are here to challenge ourselves and our environment to grow to become better versions of ourselves.
A massive thank you to everyone who opens their heart to support our madness. ♥️


We are delighted to share that we I will look after the KARAXHELLER bookings from now on. If you’re a promoter, you can email us anytime, and we will get back to you the same day.

If you’re interested in booking KARAH as a solo act, you can contact our friends at Black Mass and they will help you with everything you need.

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