Who we are

We are spouses who studied linguistics and neuropsychology together. We learned during our undergraduate studies that pooling our resources leads to improved results, we applied the same methodology to our postgraduate studies and continued this trend in our current professional ventures as freelancers and consultants.

Both of us are notorious problem solvers that focus on fixing existing issues; we do not get sidetracked and developed a workflow that allows us to prioritise while delivering work that satisfies even our picky minds. Each of us has identified specific skillsets, which we combine to yield the best overall results.

Our approach to work as linguists is scientific and evidence-based. We research the topics at hand, as well as our workflows and methods. The entire process is under continuous evaluation for improvements; we do not shy away from telling each other if the work is shite and needs improvement.

We understand that language is elaborate, ever-evolving, and depends on context; this allows us to create complex content that is easy to approach while maintaining a natural flow. Our passion, as well as the ability to take ownership of our work, drive us to perfection.