About joushikijin

In Japanese, the term joushikijin じょうしきじん describes a straightforward person, someone with common sense who can communicate concisely. It is also the concept of a courteous, humble, and empathetic human who can regulate their emotions. We see these as essential values and live by them when conducting our business.

About us

We’re two neuropsychologists with a deep love for the darkest, noisiest, and most complex industrial techno. We have actively participated in the techno scene since the nineties, working in various roles and collaborating with others on numerous projects. Together with like-minded people, we promote equality, address mental health issues, and educate on safe drug use. Our biggest priority is to honour the human connection in everything we do. We’re not interested in fame or wealth but in creating sustainable long-term relationships that benefit everyone equally.


We have always been thriving in the fringes and using ‘challengingstatusquo’ to explore underground techno culture through various written interviews and podcast series where artists can present their music without strings attached or having to worry about being exploited.

Team Raxeller ♥️

We base our collaboration on Denizer’s incredible talent as a producer and artist and our ability to streamline processes. We decided to work together to pool our resources and benefit from each other’s expertise to pursue our common goals. This teamwork is a love letter to the industry, a project that allows us to share our common values with people we love and respect, address unhealthy behaviours, and challenge the status quo. We’re not interested in adhering to harmful standards or norms. We are here to challenge ourselves and our environment to grow to become better versions of ourselves. A massive thank you to everyone who opens their heart to support our madness.

Monasterio International

Monasterio Moscow, had always been an institution that had our hearts. Its core values of celebrating cultural exchange and providing people with a safe space to express themselves resonated with our identity from day one. We feel incredibly proud and humbled to represent these values with Monasterio International outside Russia.
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