CSQ 2022


Another day, another podcast series. This one is dedicated to our residents, friends, and people whose music we enjoy. Many people we collaborated with first during the Pandemic started playing in clubs. Thus, it seems fitting to celebrate these changes with this project.

YMII | Your Ma Is Industrial

Industrial filth approved by your ma. 😈

This series represents what we love most, industrial techno. Thus, we decided to celebrate emerging artists from the underground scene who are just starting to produce and play.

Resident series | Season 2

We have been doing this madness for more than a year now. Thanks to everyone who took the time to listen to the artists we present on our podcast. Special thanks to the artists of the Resident series who continue to spoil us with their incredible skills, track selection, and support. A big panda hug goes out to everyone. πŸΌπŸ€—

Resident series | Season 1

We decided to launch our second project in July 2021. We call it the Resident series and will collaborate with five of our most favourite artists. Over the next year, they will showcase what they have been listening to recently, focusing on promoting other underground artists. Contrary to our nature to plan everything, this will be the only project without any specific dates. It was a deliberate choice to allow each artist enough time for their work to mature into something they will look back at proudly. Thus, we aim for a four-to-six week release cycle and will drop each set without prior announcement.

Underground techno | Made in Germany

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ During the past few months of the Pandemic chronicles, we rekindled our love for Germany. Both of us were born there, but we haven’t lived there for over two decades.

We witnessed the death of techno caused by mainstream capitalists around the millenium. Engaging with the artists, we were stunned by how well the scene has recovered since. It also showed us how diverse techno has become and that audio quality, access to a diverse library, or distribution are no longer obstacles for music producers.

We aim to investigate what defines underground techno in Germany and interview artists about their views on it. We will be publishing the interviews in German and English, allowing a broader audience to dive into this subculture. We will also ask each artist to record a set for our SoundCloud channel and release both every Wednesday.

πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ In den letzten paar Monaten der Pandemic chronicles haben wir unsere Liebe fΓΌr Deutschland neu entdeckt. Wir sind beide in Karlsruhe geboren, haben aber die letzten zwanzig Jahre anderswo gelebt.

Wir haben den Tod von Techno durch Mainstream-Kapitalismus um die Jahrtausendwende miterlebt. Durch das Auseinandersetzen mit den Kunstschaffenden haben wir gelernt, wie sich die Szene seitdem erholt hat und gewachsen ist. Auch hat uns positiv ΓΌberrascht, dass AudioqualitΓ€t, Zugang zu guten Tracks oder die Distribution keine Hindernisse mehr fΓΌr Musikproduzierende sind.

Unser Ziel ist es zu definieren, was Underground Techno in Deutschland ist und durch das Befragen von Kunstschaffenden deren Meinung zu dem Thema zu erfahren. Wir werden die Interviews in deutscher und englischer Sprache publizieren, um einem breit gefΓ€cherten Publikum einen Einblick in diese Subkultur zu geben. Jede Befragung wird von einem Set fΓΌr unseren Soundcloud-Kanal begleitet und beides Mittwochs verΓΆffentlicht.

Pandemic chronicles

In one way or another, the coronavirus pandemic has put an extraordinary strain on all of us. For more than a year, most of us have been restricted in the way we live our lives. Celebrating techno culture live seems like a distant memory. Considering the circumstances, it could be perceived as trivial to feel the urge to party. However, embracing these nights is precisely what makes us human. We connect with hundreds or thousands of strangers through a collective goal, getting lost in the music. Being unable to socialise in this way has affected all of our mental health.

As a result, we have decided to collaborate with several artists to bring you a series of techno sets on our SoundCloud page. Each set is accompanied by an interview, which will be published below. The questions are focused on the way the pandemic has affected the artists professionally and personally. We hope these podcasts and interviews will allow people some much-needed distraction from the current madness until the day we can go out and make new memories again.

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